We are manufacturing Solar Thermal products since 1977


Few facts
about us

Thermic Ltd was established on 1977. Forty years dedicated in manufacturing Solar Thermal products:

• Thermosiphonic solar systems,
• Floor standing DHW storage tanks,
• Solar thermal collectors,
• Combined tanks,
• Buffer tanks.

THERMIC® products are being sold throughout Greece, in many European countries, in the Middle East, in North and Central Africa, in South America. We want to establish long-term relationships with all our customers and implement our greatest efforts to this end. All our distributors in every part of the world remain unchanged since the beginning of our cooperation. Thermic® is proud for manufacturing 100% eco-friendly products, 100% recyclable, with a long service life. Thermic® products are energy-saving, non-polluting using the free inexhaustible energy source: our SUN.

Brand names also from Thermic Ltd.

Thermic Ltd. also manufactures solar products with the registered trademarks-brandnames of Natur, Easy Planet and Eco Energy plus.
Same manufacturer, same quality, different name.

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